Mud Bight Service Area

The Mud Bight Service Area encompasses the Mud Bight Subdivision and has all of the powers necessary or incidental to the providing of construction, maintenance and operation of roads and a water treatment and distribution system. Review Borough Code Chapter 14.30 for a description of the service area or click here to view the service area map.

Meeting Minutes and Packets
Click here to view Mud Bight Service Area Board meeting minutes. Click here to view packets for upcoming meetings.

Service Area Board Members Term Ends
Paula T. Falzarano, Chair June 30, 2017
Darlene Breitkreutz June 30, 2016
Mary Diverty-Woodard June 30, 2017
Patricia Palkovic
June 30, 2018
Lawrence Whitaker
June 30, 2016

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