Planning Commission

The Borough Planning Commission is authorized and directed to perform the duties and exercise the powers conferred upon said commission by the ordinances of the borough and the laws of the state. It shall be the duty of the Planning Commission to prepare, from time to time, plans for the systematic development and betterment of the entire borough as a place of residence and for business.

The Planning Commission meets regularly on the second Tuesday of each month with the ability to meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month as needed. The filing deadline for a Planning Commission meeting is the Friday after the previous month's meeting.
Planning Commission Rules of Procedure 

Decisions of the Planning Commission/Platting Board may be appealed within 15 days of the date of decision. Conditional use permits and variances may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment (Borough Assembly). Subdivision approvals may be appealed to Superior Court. Specific questions on appeals may be directed to the Department of Planning and Community Development.
Notification List
Click on the link below to subscribe to the Planning Commission list service. This list service provides notifications of meetings, publishing of dockets and packets, and notifications of Assembly meetings regarding Planning Commission cases that require review of the Borough Assembly.

Planning Commission List Service


There is currently a vacancy on the Planning Commission for a member who resides within the Borough, but outside the corporate limits of the City of Ketchikan. The Planning Commission member must be a one-year resident of the Borough, residing outside the City of Ketchikan. The term of office ends March 2018.

Application for the position may be submitted to the Office of the Borough Clerk through May 12, 2016. Applicants must include a declaration of candidacy; a personal resume' and a statement of qualification and interest. AS 39.50 requires Commissioners to file Public Official Financial Disclosure Statements within thirty (30) days after taking office. The appointment will be made by the Borough Mayor and confirmed by the Assembly.

Information and forms are available from the Office of the Borough Clerk: 1900 First Avenue Ste 115, Ketchikan, Alaska, 228-6605.

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
 Planning Commission Packets

Appointment Process
The members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the Borough Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Assembly. The Planning Commission consists of 7 members: 4 who reside within the Ketchikan city limits, and 3 who reside in the Borough outside the Ketchikan City limits. Appointments to City seats on the commission are recommended by the Ketchikan City Council. Annual appointments are made the first Assembly meeting in March.
Picture Member Position Term Ends
Gregg Poppen
Gregg Poppen Commission Chair
Rural Seat
March 1, 2017
David Deal
David Deal Vice Chair
City Seat
March 1, 2019

Rural Seat March 1, 2018
Jacquie Meck
Jacquie Meck City Seat March 1, 2018
Mike Medford
Michael Medford City Seat March 1, 2017
 Sharli crop Sharli Arntzen

 Rural Seat
 March 1, 2018
 Dragon Photo2  Dragon London

City Seat
March 1, 2019